Ocean resources 

With the significant economic, environmental and foodstuff challenges facing the French ocean fishing industry, everyone involved in the sector decided to take action by creating the Association France Filière Pêche in 2010.

Océalliance Group is a large stakeholder in this association through our participation in its decision-making sessions.

That is why most of our products are sold under the Pavillon France label, which guarantees compliance with quality specifications.

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Pavillon France

Most of our products are sold under the Pavillon France label, which guarantees compliance with quality specifications:

Pavillon France products are fish, shellfish and crustaceans caught out at sea by a Pavillon France boat.

Their optimal freshness is guaranteed by regularly checked specifications governing each link in the entire sector’s chain.

Each seafood product bearing the Pavillon France mark has come from French fisheries and can be tracked from the sea to your plate.

Our teams work hard every day to promote to our clients :

The seasonality of species, taking into consideration reproduction and growth periods as well as allocated quotas.

Responsible fishing methods and ongoing work to raise awareness of vessel owners around improving fishing techniques by limiting the volume of target species caught by using newer, more selective nets.

Our planet’s resources 


We are aware of the impact businesses can have so we work to reduce our environmental footprint through targeted actions :


Reducing hard-to-recycle consumables by implementing specific initiatives to progressively replace or find substitutions for plastic and polystyrene:

Using recyclable containers as a substitution for polystyrene boxes

Working on skin packaging

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Minimising transport-related emissions:

Training and educating our drivers in eco-driving.
Optimising freight plans to create coherent rounds.
Educating our service providers on how to reduce their carbon footprint and asking each carrier to provide us with its annual CSR report.

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Improving our energy efficiency by replacing cooling systems with new equipment to stop greenhouse gas emissions through the use of ammonia and glycol water for chilled temperatures and CO2 for frozen temperatures.

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