Based in Cherbourg, Normandy, the second biggest French fishery region with 600 vessels, 2,200 sailors and 60,000 tonnes of landed catch, Marée du Cotentin offers a wide range of shellfish and crustaceans as well as fresh and frozen fish from coastal fisheries.  

Cherbourg is the main fishing port in the Manche region and the second biggest in Normandy. Located halfway between Boulogne-sur-Mer and Lorient, the port of Cherbourg-Contentin is also close to the Channel Islands (Jersey, Guernesey and Aurigny). Nestled in the heart of the Manche region, it offers shelter to all neighbouring fishing fleets from Granville to Port-en-Bessin, Carteret, Barfleur and even Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue.

Our facilities include two processing units: one specialising in working with fish and scallops and the other having holding tanks that capture seawater to keep products fresh. Our employees are highly skilled in working with live crustaceans and shellfish, selecting, filleting and packaging coastal fish, and preparing the scallops (whole shell, half-shell and shelled) that make the Normandy coast famous during the October to May season.

Fish processed in our units hold Pavillon France certification as they come directly from our partner boats or from Normandy fish markets such as Cherbourg, Port-en-Bessin, Granville, Grancamp, Dieppe and Fécamp. Our skilled filleters produce stunning hand-cut fillets from species including whiting, gurnard and sea bream.

You can also come to us for the Normandy coast’s iconic whelk, which is processed directly from our partner vessels holding protected geographical indication (PGI) status and using certified fishing methods in the Bay of Granville.

Our crustaceans are MSC-certified and our brown crabs and lobsters come from the best Irish and English coasts.

The fishing boats in Normandy share our passion for fresh products and only head out to sea for a maximum of 24-48 hours. Some fish at night, ensuring extreme freshness as the seafood is processed at our units within 12 hours of being caught. We build lasting relationships with them as our preferred partners. That is why, for instance, Océalliance Group has been supporting Lejuez in building two new boats and has bought 25% of its shares.

We are also able to offer frozen products to producers and manufacturers.

Species lighthouses

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Scallops are beige or brown shellfish. This species is the most sought-after by foodies. The shellfish is prized for its fine, delicate flavour.


Whelk have a greenish spindle-shaped spiral shell with no spikes and is enjoyed for its flesh and flavour. It can be found almost year-round.

Grey sea bream

Grey sea bream is a lean fish found along France’s coasts. Sea bream has a delicate, fine, scented flesh and optimal quality and freshness.


Catshark is a small harmless shark found in coastal areas. It has a light colour with brown speckles. Catsharks live in Atlantic coastal waters from the British Isles to France and even Senegal in Africa. It is eaten for its flesh and oil.


Mackerel is an iconic fish along European coasts. This ocean fish is valued and enjoyed for its nutritional properties and can be recognised by its blue back.


Houndshark is a reasonably rare species of bottom-dwelling shark with highly valued flesh. It has a fine, long grey body and can be found in coastal waters.


Periwinkles are shellfish with a soft body and spiral shell. These shellfish are often eaten as pre-dinner snacks in large quantities.  

Brown crab

Brown crab is a crustacean with a delicious, melt-in-the-mouth flesh. It is caught by Brittany vessels in the open seas using pots.

Red gurnard

Red gurnard is a small, delicious ocean fish with firm white flesh and it is good value for money. Caught along the Atlantic coast, it is sold at optimal freshness.

Warty venus

Despite its name, the warty venus is beautiful both inside and out. In fact, it is a great shellfish full of flavour and fragrance. Warty venus is one of the shellfish species highly prized by inhabitants along the Brittany coastline.