Viviers de Locarec is a friendly-sized company processing live crustaceans and shellfish.

Walk along the coastline admiring the Les Étocs archipelago out at sea and you will arrive in Locarec, a hamlet in Penmarc’h, the most southwestern municipality of Pays Bigouden. It boasts three ports and is the home of the iconic Eckmühl lighthouse that guides the returning sailors both day and night.

Viviers de Locarec offers over 20 species every day thanks to its multi-skilled team of professionals and fully-controlled logistics chain involving in-house logistics and strong partnerships with carriers.

Viviers de Locarec has considerable buying power in France and abroad, through partnerships with vessels and land-based fishers. We offer a wide range of shellfish and crustaceans delivered within France and to Europe and China. We have many partnerships with vessels to achieve optimal quality and freshness while securing our supplies and recognising the work of commercial fishers.


Species lighthouses

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Brown crab

Brown crab is a crustacean with a delicious, melt-in-the-mouth flesh. It is caught by Brittany vessels in the open seas using pots.


Lobster is a crustacean caught in pots along our Brittany coastlines. This crustacean has plump, firm flesh of exceptional quality. You are guaranteed a luxury product with natural flavour.


Langoustine is a lean, luxury crustacean famous for having the best flesh. It is fished in the deep seas off France’s west coast and is famous for its flavour and delicacy.


Periwinkles are shellfish with a soft body and spiral shell. These shellfish Warty venus are often eaten as pre-dinner snacks in large quantities.  

Warty venus

Despite its name, the warty venus is beautiful both inside and out. In fact, it is a great shellfish full of flavour and fragrance. Warty venus is one of the shellfish species highly prized by inhabitants along the Brittany coastline.

Spider crab

Spider crabs are crustaceans that are sold live and have soft, fine flesh. They are held in our own tanks after being caught in pots, guaranteeing a fresh product Spider crabs are popular for their delicate, tasty flesh. 

Dog cockle

Dog cockles are edible shellfish popular with many people despite their firm flesh. They often replace the warty venus on seafood platters because of their cheaper price, despite their less delicate flavour